Can You Really Learn How To Read Faster?

I remember when I couldn’t read.

I would stumble over words like 💥THE💥 and feel so embarrassed whenever the teacher would call on me. My anxiety induced tears would mix with mucus and get caught up in my throat making it worse as I struggled to unlock my mind and husky voice to utter…Anything

I also remember the shame of having to go to the “special” resource classes to get extra help and hoping that my classmates wouldn’t see me in there.

But, I’m grateful for it all.

For very little coming easy to me.

Struggle taught me to fight.

It is pretty fitting that the 4th book that I’ve devoured this month is Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle is the Way. which is all about building a fortress with the broken bricks that life threw at you.

Still, what if you could Learn How to Read Faster without the struggle?

Imagine being able to:

  • Get through your college course work in minutes and picking out ONLY what you need to ACE every test, every time.
  • Dazzle your boss and climb the corporate latter because you are able to instantaneously absorb new ideas that you learned by breezing through 4 or more books a month
  • Finally, enjoy going to the monthly book club for more than just the wine and cheese.  You can actually contribute to the conversation INTELLIGENTLY because you didn’t have to choose between reading the book or carting the kiddos to endless activities.
  • Create Better and Faster content for your newsletters, presentations, sales pieces because you can quickly access and download a wealth of information from the brilliant minds of countless authors.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”  Isaac Newton

In the Video Below, I provide 5 Tips on How to Read Faster which all great “Leaders are Readers.”

Inside this video, you learn in less than 10 minutes, my key tips on How to Read Faster and as a BONUS, I show you how you can also ABSORB what you have read so that you can actually USE it NOW!!!

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