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16 Awesome Breaking Free of the Comfort Zone Quotes

All children are born creative yet the world educates it out of us and we give up our freedom for what has become our comfort zone.  These 16 awesome getting out of your comfort zone quotes are designed to help awaken that sleeping dancer that lost her shoes. Because: “Where are the best dancers from your high school class right now?”  In soul sucking cubicles. Let’s break free from those living coffins with these anti comfort zone quotes. I have stepped outside my comfort zone enough to know that, yes, the world does fall apart, but not in the...

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Stop Fear Now and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do you want to stop fear, social anxiety, and get out of your comfort zone?  Of course. . .we all do. One of my favorite quotes is: “Life Begins at the Other End of Your Comfort Zone.” Neale Donald Walsh. (For 16 more Awesome Breaking Free of the Comfort Zone Quotes click here) But, what holds us hostage in the life that we have v. venturing out to discover the one that we dream about often is rooted in fear of the unknown, of not wanting to fail, or looking foolish. Most of us at one time or another...

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Productivity in Business: 2 Secret Tips to Get Big Projects Done Fast!

How do you have more productivity in business while maintaining balance? Well, my husband Robert, who is a Naval aviator fighter pilot and also works for a major commercial airline carrier said it best when he shared: “In order to stay balanced, sometimes you have to get extremely unbalanced.” As a productivity in business and in life expert who has taken several balanced living and productivity workshops in order to better serve my clients, partners and family, there are many  methodologies to get major projects done without feeling overwhelmed. Cal Newport in his brilliant book, Deep Work, discusses how...

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5 Tips on How to Read Faster

Can You Really Learn How To Read Faster? I remember when I couldn’t read. I would stumble over words like THE and feel so embarrassed whenever the teacher would call on me. My anxiety induced tears would mix with mucus and get caught up in my throat making it worse as I struggled to unlock my mind and husky voice to utter…Anything I also remember the shame of having to go to the “special” resource classes to get extra help and hoping that my classmates wouldn’t see me in there. But, I’m grateful for it all. For very little...

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Easy Way to Spark Your Creativity Through Exercise

Easy Way to Spark Your Creativity Through Exercise I know what you are thinking when the gurus urge you to join them in the 5AM club popularized by leadership evangelist, Robin Sharma.  Among the litnay of To Dos to spark you into a productive day is the dreaded exercise and you want nothing to do with it.  Perhaps you have a big meeting later in the day or an article that needs to get out and the last thing that you think will help is running around while the sun is still asleep.  However, according to researchers like Harvard...

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