Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, has been life saving.  In the book, the author was a motivational speaker that had nearly lost his life after being hit Head-On by a speeding vehicle, but it was a bout with depression years later that nearly destroyed him.  That’s when he discovered this morning routine that he calls his Life SAVERS and I have adopted it as my best morning routine checklist for an incredible power hour.

SAVERS stand For:







Most of us have heard the true adage by Benjamin Franklin:

“Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man , Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”


In my Why have a Morning Routine Quickie Video Training above, I drill down into how rising early with my best morning routine checklist adopted from Hal Elrod makes for a wealthier and wiser day.  Gleaning from a parole study profiled in the brilliant work Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini, I talk about how as the day goes on, your battery starts to die as does your desire to make any decision.  You can find out about that incredible study in the video as well as a case for starting a morning routine.

My Best Morning Routine Checklist is simple where I actually combine the silence or meditation practice with the visualization and affirmations portion before getting up and moving to personal development followed by a quick journal and reflection session all done in a 60 minute power hour jam. 

In my weekly Talk Show Fired Up with Flo through Online Boot Camp Hub, I actually show you how to do all of this fast and effective for maximum productivity.  You can access that show and several others here free for 7 days.

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