The common problem with time is that it’s limited and there is an endless amount of things that we HAVE to do.  Because of this, how to get stuff done that we WANT to do becomes paramount if we desire to feel as if we are in the driver seat instead of merely a spectator of own lives.

There will always be laundry for folding, groceries for shopping, bills for paying.  With everything that fills our lives, when do we have time for creating the life that we want? The truth is there isn’t.  You have to decide to direct that time and intentionally carve it out in order to realize your dreams.

The first step in directing time is understanding an awareness around where the heck it goes.  One of my mentor’s, Mark Januszewski, AKA, The Laziest Networker, breaksdown time this way:

There are 168 hours in every week and if you allocate:

  • 56hours for Sleep
  • 50hours for Work
  • 20hours for Family Time, Faith and Worship, Extracurricular
  • 12hours for Murphy’s Law

When you add all the above figures up it is 138 hours.

This leaves an astonishing 30hours a week to work toward your dream!

How to Get Stuff Done is less of a mystery. . .YES?

Well, then how do you direct those 30hours?

The answer is protect them.

In my quick video training] below I go into exactly how.

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