It’s cold and wet outside, you are on your period, your email inbox is flooded, you forgot the eggs needed to bake brownies for your kid’s class party tomorrow and you still have to get in 3 miles for your 5k training run.  Today, you just don’t feel like doing anything.  You need some personal motivation and feel badly that you just can’t seem to get things done, so you procrastinate more in your despair and frustration.

If you are waiting to feel inspired and increasing your personal motivation by something external like one of those slick viral YouTube Videos, forget about it.  You know the ones that I am referring to with the epic music playing in the background and a superhuman (or psychotic) daredevil jumping off of cliffs, while on a bike, doing a handstand and split.  It may motivate you to hit the Facebook share button, but not take up “Lessons in Crazy” like the people featured in the videos nor walk around the block and get your movement in for the day.  In fact, it may even exacerbate your laziness and procrastination by keeping you hooked on these adrenaline junkie clips, further preventing you from getting stuff done that you want to do.

If you are having challenges with feeling overwhelmed and prioritizing in general, refer to my last blog post: Overwhelmed Mom? 3 Simple tips on How to Prioritize.

But, you may know what you want to do and how to do it, but you are simply just lazy, procrastinating and don’t feel like doing it.  If that is the case, here are my 3 Simple Tips on Personal Motivation from within.  There is also a video below that drills down into each.

3 Simple Personal Motivation Tips

Dress the Part:

If you want to workout at some point during the day, dress in fitness workout gear.  Even a wearing sports bra under your work clothes is an effective trigger.  I coach mostly busy, professional, on the go women, but if you are a dude, and wear a watch invest in a Garmin GPS Runner Watch and wear this to work.  It will emotionally anchor you to intentionally plan to be more active if that is your goal.  Also, because of it’s bright color, it will instantly start a rapport building conversation with your partners, clients and customers.  As a lot of leaders are or want to be more fit, it’s a great way to showcase your commitment to excellence while inviting in better discourse. This is the one that I love and helped me track my time when qualifying for the Boston Marathon–  Click here.

Positive Self Talk:

Your subconsciousness mind makes all of your decisions and it’s addicted to the sound of your voice.  In order to seduce you into breaking your laziness and procrastination, create daily affirmations and goals for yourself.  One of the things that a lot of highly successful people do is they start their day with a morning routine and affirmations are a staple.  For more on how to start an effective morning routine, refer to my article: My Best Morning Routine Checklist.

My favorite affirmation is:

-I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful. harmonious, loving and happy-

Attach Your Goal to a Worthier Pursuit:

If the money that you earned from finally creating that info-product that you have been procrastinating on enabled you to earn enough to travel to a dream vacation in New Zealand, you would be emotionally incentivized to get it done.  Personal Motivation can be driven by something outside of our surface level goals and I invite you to spend some time thinking about what type of adventures can you explore or Who Else Wins when you get off your lazing, aloof, procrastinating butt and Do the Do.  You may not be the star of the next “Humans are Awesome” Youtube Video, but you will be a Star and Superhero of the abused women that you have volunteered to work with now that you have freed up your time because you know how and have implemented these tools in your own life to obliterate procrastination and laziness for good.

For more, click on my How to Self Motivate  Quick Training Video Below:

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