The kids finally just got off of the holiday break and are back at school.  You now have all the time in the world to get stuff done like organize your online photos and create hard copy albums, take a healthy cooking class at the library, join the local 24-7 IronGoldCrossOrangeTheoryofEverything Gym, start a passion blog about staycation hacks.  But all you can muster up focusing on is binge watching Netflix and the 1/2 empty bottle of Two Buck Chuck after a full day at the 9-to-5 where you were not only assigned the task of training the new guy, you also spent your lunch hour convincing your twenty-something co-worker that her skinny-jeans wearing boyfriend probably isn’t cheating (even though everybody knows that he is) and then carting the kids to soccer practice and in and out of the Chick-Fil-A drive through.  You are an overwhelmed mom, overloaded with other people’s stuff.  So when do you have time to get things done that you want to do? I actually wrote a accompanying blog piece about that which you can check out here.  It is Called How To Get Stuff Done that You Want to Do.

But the truth is:

You don’t!

If you are an overwhelmed mom, dad, business professional, breathing air on the planet. . .most likely, you will not have time for yourself unless you create it.  It comes down to knowing how to prioritize which can be tough because there will always be an endless amount of things that you both have to do and others want you to do.  In my video training below I go into the 3 Simple Tips of HOW TO PRIORITIZE but here they are now:

1.) Know WHY You Want to Do Something

2.) Ask WHAT is Wildly Important RIGHT NOW

3.) Take ACTION (no-brainer but people forget this part)

I get that you maybe sneaking Facebook at work and don’t have time to click on the less than 5MIN video. Mom to Mom. . . I wouldn’t want to add any more stress to an overwhelmed mom like you that is why I only am offering 3 tips.  For more, refer to the accompanying Getting Stuff Done that You Want to Do post as well as join my free FACEBOOK Welcome to I AM KAIZEN (Continuous Improvement) Motivation and Program Page.

You can access it here.

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