How do you have more productivity in business while maintaining balance? Well, my husband Robert, who is a Naval aviator fighter pilot and also works for a major commercial airline carrier said it best when he shared:

“In order to stay balanced, sometimes you have to get extremely unbalanced.”

As a productivity in business and in life expert who has taken several balanced living and productivity workshops in order to better serve my clients, partners and family, there are many  methodologies to get major projects done without feeling overwhelmed.

Cal Newport in his brilliant book, Deep Work, discusses how people can maximize their productivity in business and at the same time, shut down at the end of the day and leave work mentally and emotionally behind.  I adopt the same ethos when it comes to helping my clients chunk things down while still taking massive, intentional action.

In today’s quick video training, I provide just two secrets to get more productivity in business so that you can get things done fast, efficiently and effectively.

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