Personal motto: “Life is a gift and I want to play with what is inside.”
Flo Bradley is a Health, Wealth and Lifestyle Transformation Coach and the founder of For nearly 5 years, she’s helped hundreds of people detox their mind and body so that they can recover the brilliance that has been buried inside of them and live a life by their own design.
She accomplishes this through tailored nutrition and mindset programs, online and offline workshops, motivational tools and resources and personal and group coaching. Through her mentorship, training and content she empowers her clients to live purposefully while maintaining balance in these key areas: Health, Spirit, Relationships, Career, Finances, Contribution, Learning and Fun.
As the motivational and inspiration coach for the largest online Boot Camp in the world she cohosts a LIVE Q&A Radio Show with founder, Jonathan Roche, the renowned and award winning personal trainer, fitness expert and bestselling author of The No Excuses Diet.
Education: B.A. Boston University, The Master Key Workshop, Go90Grow, Experts Academy, High Performance Academy, Udemy Life Purpose Certification (in process), Professional Speaker Certification (in process)
Motivational Speaker and Trainer Credentials:
Guest Lecturer at the University of Western Alabama, Keynote speaker at Agape Storehouse Apostolic Church’s Financial Empowerment program, Speaker at the Women WorkshopSpeaker/Trainer: South Atlanta Business Association and Master Networks Life Vision Workshops



Sample TALK Topics:

Point of View for All Topics: Healthy Mind and Body, Happy Life and Spirit.


Goal Setting for Life Balance and Creating a Vision

Dopamine is the happiness chemical released in our brain when we are excited about the future.  In this talk I share how to create and act on our bucket list as a way to enhance our mood and therefore, quality and anticipation of life.


Toxicity and how it effects the body and our actions:

Toxic Body, Leads to Toxic Mindset, Leads to Toxic Activities.  In this talk, I discuss the importance of cleansing the body and spirit so that people feel motivated to be proactive and participate in their overall wellness journey as opposed to reacting to health and life challenges that may arise out of choices.


The Power of Sleep and Rest:

Just an extra hour of sleep is clinically proven to help people release 1lb a week.  In fact, sleep and rest is the magic pill to many of our health challenges.  During this talk, I draw from the work of Dr. James Maas and other sleep researchers, illustrating the WHY behind the 8 hour sleep thing isn’t just a suggestion, but a necessity for overall vitality and health.  In addition, I go into the power nap and how it effects creativity and memory.


Movement v Exercise and how Mindset shifts our relationship to both: 

When a group of maids where told that making the beds were rigorous exercise, all of them lost weight as oppose to a control group that was not told that their work was exercise.  In this talk, I go into “the biology of belief” and how a person feels about an activity directly effects the results.  As a marathon runner about to compete in my first Boston Marathon next month, I visualized qualifying in my mind and spirit before I ever took my first step.  Elite athletes have long understood how mindset creates outcomes as much as the activity and when people can think of all movement as exercise the body catches up to the mind.


“The mind may want to quit 1000 times before the body will.”  Mindset is so critical in everything but especially exercise.


Community Impact:

Strategy Campaign Manager for Percy Bland Mayoral Race

Cofounder of The Meridian Freedom Project: Summer and After School Enrichment Program for


Blogging/Vlogging: 60Seconds2Success and 3SimpleTips


Running: Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher



Flo Bradley