There are many reasons to meditate including stress relief, slowing aging, increasing your focus, shifts your DNA and coping with life challenges.  CBS Sunday Morning profiled a man that survived a plane crash where he stayed calm despite being engulfed in flames which he attributes to years of meditation practice.  Personally, I have used it to get through a marathon where my body was breaking down but my meditation practice helped push me forward.  Celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and Clint Eastwood have been doing it for upwards of 3 decades.  We comprise of over 18 million Americans that have tapped into the silent power of what lies within.


How can you start your own Meditation Practice?


It is easier than you think; in fact don’t think just get started.  In the video below I share 3 Simple Tips to get you meditating like a monk in no time.




If you are in a space where clicking the play button will cause you some dirty looks, here are my 3 Simple Tips for Starting a Meditation Practice with Ease:


1.) Commit: The easy button for committing is using a guided resource like Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s 21 Day Meditation Experience.  This is exactly how I started.  Shortly after, I also invested in the guided Hemisync Program which helped get my brain in a meditative state easily using sound-waves.


2.) The Master Key System:  Charles Haanel wrote a brilliant work called the Master Key System which in it’s essences is a 26 week guide on not only meditating but also manifesting more abundance into your life.  I attribute it to helping me with everything from qualifying for the Boston Marathon while my body was breaking down to buying my dream house to coming to terms with forgiving myself for absorbing pain surrounding a childhood scarred by abuse.  I documented most of my joruney with the program and you can learn more from this excerpt about me crossing the finish line totally broken but mentally strong:


3.) Breath and Bless: Simply breathing deeply can be a meditation practice.  I love the 6-2-7 method of breathing in for 6 seconds, holding your breath for 2 seconds and releasing the breath for 7 seconds.  I do this 4 times before going into an active medication practice centered around reflecting on the good stuff that is happening now, what I desire to create in my day and who I am going to love on.


It is actually a stress relief meditation script.  When you can focus on all the awesome stuff already in your life and then actively think of who else can you bless today, it can shift the fires, trials and mental marathons. You just have to allow yourself to surrender into the sometimes silent inner wisdom of your higher self.


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